What is RSS?


RSS stands for "Really Simple Syndication" and provides websites a way to syndicate their content. Using an XML document, RSS websites automatically deliver their content to subscribers' RSS feed readers.

In order to receive RSS feeds, you will need an RSS reader or news aggregator. RSS readers are available in online versions, such as Bloglines, and computer based versions, such as FeedReader, that reside on your local computer.

Use the following URLs to connect to Peach Public Libraries' RSS Feeds using your RSS Reader:
Peach Public Libraries News & Events http://www.peach.public.lib.ga.us/feed.xml
Peach Public Libraries New Releases http://www.peach.public.lib.ga.us/newreleases.xml

After configured, your reader or aggregator will automatically retrieve content from the new feeds to which you have subscribed.

For a quick overview of RSS feeds and readers, please view the video "RSS in Plain English" at Common Craft