Meeting Room Use Policy

Peach Public Libraries Board of Trustees has adopted the following policy to govern use of the libraries' meeting rooms for public use.

The Peach Public Libraries provides meeting rooms as a limited public forum to support its information, educational, cultural and recreational mission and roles; through library-sponsored programs, and for legitimate public meetings, to include those of an educational, cultural, religious, political or civic nature. The Library will not discriminate in making its premises available for the use on the basis of viewpoints expressed by users, or the rate, national origin, religion, sex, sexual orientation, political affiliations, age or physical limitations of its users. Use of the meeting rooms does not constitute sponsorship or endorsement of the users or user's beliefs by Peach Public Libraries, staff, or its Board of Trustees. Advertisement or announcements implying or stating such endorsement are prohibited.

Meeting rooms are available during Library operating hours ONLY. Usage requests are taken on a first-come, first-served basis.

To use a library meeting room, an applicant must have a current Peach Public Libraries card in good standing. Official government agencies are exempt from the cardholder requirement.

An approved Meeting Room Use Policy Agreement for Peach Public Libraries is required in advance of each meeting/booking to finalize scheduling the meeting room.

Thomas Public Library has a meeting room for 65 people with kitchenette. Byron Public Library has facilities for 40 people with kitchenette. Attendance at meetings must be limited to the seating capacity specified for that room, at that Library location.

No monies may be transacted, no admission charged or donations collected for programs, groups or individuals. Meetings of commercial organizations must be educational in purpose; direct solicitation of goods or services on Library property is prohibited. Solicitation of names and addresses of attendees for business purposes, distribution of commercial literature, business cards, or the sale of business merchandise is prohibited. Private counseling, tutoring and other individual sessions are permissible only if offered to clients free of charge and with prior approval by the Library Director.

Private parties such as showers, birthday parties, sorority and fraternity parties are not permitted.

In all instances, use of the meeting room for activities by PPL takes precedence over other use. PPL reserves the right to waive portions of this policy to accommodate library sponsored meetings and programs. In any conflict over scheduling or policy, the Library's needs prevail.

Meeting rooms are available to the entire community. A request for use by those under legal age (18 years) must be submitted by a sponsoring adult. The sponsoring adult must remain in the building and is responsible for all activities of the group. Minors (under the age of 18) may use the meeting room only under direct and constant supervision of adults, who will assume full responsibility for activities and conditions. There must be one adult for every 7 minors at non-Library related meetings.

Permission to use the meeting room does not extend to other areas of the library. Those who use the meeting room are expected to maintain decorum on the library premises at all times. Babysitting service for the children or dependent persons of meeting attendees is not provided by the Library. Meeting room attendees may not leave children under the age of 12 unattended in the Library, in accordance with PPL policy, Underage Children and Depedent Persons.

Refreshments are restricted to: coffee, tea, soda, punch (no red or dark), cookies, bagels, doughnuts, fruits, nuts, vegetables, cheese, crackers, finger sandwiches, chips and dip. Refreshments must be confined to the meeting room. Users must provide their own utensils, serving dishes, tablecloths, trash bags, supplies, etc.

PPL Staff can discuss dates and times, policies, procedures and availability by telephone or in person. A tour of the meeting room/space may be requested.

Publicity is the responsibility of the individual/group reserving the meeting room. In advertisements, please include the date, time, location, directions to the library, and the contact number of the sponsor for additional questions. The library's telephone number and address may not be used to direct questions about your event or to receive mail. If your group would like to publicize its event in the library, please submit publicity to PPL Administration for approval. No other signs will be displayed anywhere else inside or outside the Library or on the premises.

Neither the meeting rooms nor the libraries shall be used as the mailing address of any individual, group, or organization.

PPL will not be responsible for equipment, supplies, materials or other items belonging to those who use the room.

PPL does not provide storage or assistance in carrying supplies and materials to or from the meeting room.

PPL will not accept deliveries for individuals/groups, including those using the meeting room.

PPL staff will not page persons who are attending a function in its public meeting rooms, nor may the public use PPL business telephones. In the event of an emergency, please notify PPL staff to call 911.

PPL personnel must have free access to meeting rooms at all times. PPL retains the right to monitor all meetings conducted on Library premises to ensure compliance with PPL policies.

All programs and meetings held in PPL meeting rooms are to be free and open to any member of the public who wishes to observe or participate in the event. (Exception: Closed sessions convened by governmental bodies in compliance with the Georgia Open Meetings Act).

This policy is not all-inclusive. Decisions regarding individual meeting situations not described here, will be determined by the PPL Director, who is authorized to establish reasonable regulations governing use of the meeting rooms and related charges.

Requests are taken on a first-come, first-served basis. However, booking is not finalized until a Meeting Room Use Policy Agreement for Peach Public Libraries is approved.

Meeting rooms must be booked in advance and can be reserved up to 60 days in advance.

To give all an opportunity to use the meeting rooms, an individual/organization is limited to having reserved the meeting room for two (2) dates and accompanying time blocks, at any given time.

Use of a meeting room by an individual/group is limited to two (2) times per month.

Room bookings may be made by telephone and will be held for 48 hours to give the "responsibile party" the opportunity to come to the Library to sign the Meeting Room Use Policy Agreement for Peach Public Libraries and secure approval. If the agreement is incomplete, contains inaccurate information, etc., the reservation(s) will be cancelled.

A new Meeting Room Use Policy Agreement for Peach Public Libraries form should be signed for each meeting/booking, unless arrangements have been made in advance with the Director.

The room will be inspected by a PPL staff member before and after each use, and any damage or conditions requiring special cleaning will be reported.

The adult person signing the Meeting Room Use Policy Agreement for Peach Public Libraries, as well as the organization s/he represents, is responsible for any and all damages that occur as a result of using the facilities, furniture and/or equipment, willful or accidental. Cost of repair and replacement will be assessed and billed to the individual and/or group using the meeting room when the damage occurs. Should any special cleaning be required as a result of an individual/group's use of the meeting room, a charge of $25.00 per hour or fraction thereof will be made for labor and equipment.

Meeting room usage, including space set-up and clean-up, must be done during Library operating hours. Users are responsible for arranging the chairs, et cetera, and must leave the room in a neat, clean, orderly condition and remove all trash and materials. Meetings must be concluded; room cleaned and vacated 10 minutes prior to closing.

Open aisles must be maintained within the seating arrangement to provide clear access in case of emergency.

Nothing (signs, decorations, etc.) may be attached to the walls (except with Library Staff permission, on the wall fabric and in the manner allowed), ceiling, floor, furniture, equipment, or doors. Decorations are limited to those that are free-standing and conform to fire regulations.

The Director of Peach Public Libraries reserves the right to review any and all requests for use of meeting rooms and may reject any which s/he deems unsuitable. In the event permission is denied, an appeal may be made to the Director and/or Board of Trustees. The appeal must be in writing and state the reason for reconsideration.


  • No alcoholic beverages or drugs shall be served or consumed on the library premises.
  • No illegal gambling activities on the library premises.
  • No illegal weapons on the library premises.
  • No candles or flammable items are allowed.
  • No smoking in the building.

PPL reserves the right to revoke permission to use the meeting room. Inclusion of false information on the Meeting Room Use Policy Agreement for Peach Public Libraries form and/or failure to comply with meeting room policy will result in automatic and immediate revocation of permission.

Permission to use the library meeting rooms may be withheld from groups whose members or invitees damage the room, carpet, equipment or furniture, or fail to comply with these policies. Individuals causing disturbances during meetings will be asked to leave.

No individual and/or group may assign its reservation to another individual and/or group.

Anyone holding a reservation is requested to notify the Library of any cancellation or need to reschedule, at the earliest possible date in order to free the meeting room for others use.

PPL reserves the right to cancel any reservation due to unforeseen circumstances or to relocate any scheduled meeting if circumstances warrant. In the event of a Library building or weather-related emergency, information on closings is available via WMAZ.

Adopted April 16, 1985
Revised February 17, 2004
Revised October 21, 2010
Revised April 10, 2014